Peter Rowland Group Pty Ltd.

A thoughtfully curated extension of what we do best, Petite by Peter Rowland maintains all PRG’s catering values and methods. You can be confident that every bite is quality and prepared with the freshest possible locally sourced produce.

Unique in both concept and product offering, Petite by Peter Rowland was developed to provide a reimagined take on catering - suitable for any setting

Whether you’re hosting family from your home, organising for the office, or seeking a simple solution to cater for a crowd – Petite is designed to provide, taking the stress out of eventing.

Customers are welcomed to a menu of bite sized creations crafted by PRG chefs. Offering an elevated edge at every touchpoint, Petite promises perfection through the entirety of the process, from packaging through to plating and praise from your guests.

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Peter Rowland Group Pty Ltd.

Chicken sandwiches ARE a cocktail party classic.

In Melbourne, the one sandwich to rule them all is the one made BY US - Peter Rowland Group.

It's been seen at some of swankiest luncheons, parties and events since 1962. Our version uses soft, crustless white bread lightly spread with butter and is filled with a combination of poached chicken and house-made mayonnaise which is flecked with chopped chives and parsley.

Other caterers try to imitate us, but no one can beat our FAMOUS chicken sandwiches !

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